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A Lounge Renovation

Following on from last months insight into some of my bedroom projects I thought I’d continue and share a Buckinghamshire living room renovation that took around three months to complete.

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A few of my bedroom projects

Of course I’d love to show you every single project I’ve ever done but we might be here awhile, so I thought I’d share over the next few months some more of my work following with Bedrooms. I’ve always preferred soft furnishings, decorating and the sourcing furniture aspects of projects. I love the vast amount of textures and colours that can be involved and how something as small as a cushion can totally change the look of a room and insert much needed colour.

Next months blog will include a lounge renovation with bathrooms to follow later in the year. Hope you all enjoy!

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My Kitchen Renovation

So I thought it was about time I finally showed you some of my Interior Design work. This kitchen renovation is in a converted cottage that used to be cow sheds and Is currently the place I call my home.

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How I Started AG Home Interiors and the behind the scenes love and hates

Just over 2 years down the line and I have to admit that AG Home Interiors is still full of trial and errors. As a person I also admit that I am quite impatient and as I’m sure a lot of people are when starting a business. Expecting it to happen over night and wanting everything to run smoothly. This has definitely not been the case and although I have loved the process, it has not been without its struggles and with plenty of areas still needing improvement. But in turn every time I overcome something I feel so much prouder for following my dream. So this is how I started and some of the things I have loved and hated about the process of building my business.

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A look at some of my collaborations and what I look for when choosing who I work with

Like the majority of people these days I spend a fair bit of my time on Instagram and other social media, and know how important it is to be seen on these accounts especially with so many bloggers and companies competing against each other. I wont lie when I say it can be very frustrating at times, spending many hours a week scrolling, liking and posting on relevant accounts in order to promote my products and of course the company itself. Since starting the business It has definitely been the case of trial and error and I have learnt from previous experiences in another industries, the importance of collaborating with influential bloggers in the relevant market. Although everyone has their own way of working most work on the basis of spending an item for them to post on social media either in the form of a photo or video and for them to keep the item form of payment. Others require a fixed fee depending on your requirements,or a more popular option is to make an offer or give away where the relevant blogger posts on social media advertising the company and product in the form of a competition and in this case the blogger receives the item and then the winner gets sent the same item directly. Alternatively a discount is offered on items online using a unique code.

With this in mind I wanted to share with you my thoughts and the trial and error process of my collaborations to date.

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An Insight In to the Spring Summer 19 Collection

Well didn’t January just fly by! I generally have new stock come in twice a year. The Spring Summer collection starts to go online beginning of February with the last products hitting the website around the end of March. In turn the AW collection starts to arrive around the beginning of October. So the website has already started to be refreshed with lovely Spring products and I wanted to share a few of these with you to give you a behind the scenes insight to why I picked them and what makes me love them. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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