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A few of my bedroom projects

Of course I’d love to show you every single project I’ve ever done but we might be here awhile, so I thought I’d share over the next few months some more of my work following with Bedrooms. I’ve always preferred soft furnishings, decorating and the sourcing furniture aspects of projects. I love the vast amount of textures and colours that can be involved and how something as small as a cushion can totally change the look of a room and insert much needed colour.

Next months blog will include a lounge renovation with bathrooms to follow later in the year. Hope you all enjoy!

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My Kitchen Renovation

So I thought it was about time I finally showed you some of my Interior Design work. This kitchen renovation is in a converted cottage that used to be cow sheds and Is currently the place I call my home.

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10 of my favourite Interior Instagram accounts

I’ll be honest when I say that I actually don’t subscribe to any bloggers, Interiors or otherwise and the reason is purely that when I have done so in the past I had spent so much of my days reading them that I just couldn’t keep up. For this reason I prefer to follow any bloggers and interior stylists on instagram. From being in the Interiors industry and having both my own personal and business Instagram accounts I’m on it a lot already anyway so it fits perfectly with my lifestyle. So I’ve decided to share with you all my 10 of my favourite accounts in no particular order. I have so many more I love and follow but of course cant share them all. Hope you like them too.

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