My Kitchen Renovation

So I thought it was about time I finally showed you some of my Interior Design work. This kitchen renovation is in a converted cottage that originally used to be cow sheds and Is currently the place I call my home.

The original kitchen shown below had badly water marked work tops and cupboards that had broken or missing backs. I also really didn’t like the glass cupboards that showed everything inside and the wine rack that I never used as I am probably the only girl I know who doesn’t drink wine! The skirting boards kept falling open and the lights in them hadn’t worked since the day I moved in. Definitely not the kitchen of dreams. But the kitchen itself was a nice size and fits my pride and joy oak dining table and bench seating. Another plus are my double doors from the kitchen that backs onto the garden so it is always bright and airy.

Originally I had my heart set on a dark grey, country styled kitchen with shaker cupboard doors and a butler sink. I’ve always wanted a sink with a separate section to the main sink to keep cleaning clothes and to use to clean the really dirty bits. I looked around so many kitchen showrooms but either didn’t see anything I liked the look of or found the service really bad and unprofessional which didn’t make me want to give them my business. Also a lot of the shaker doors I had seen had a grain look on them which made them look a bit plasticky. My mind was completely changed when I walked into a Magnet showroom and immediately fell in love with a dark blue modern kitchen (Newbury Midnight) with grey interiors that was on display with matt off white minerva worktops. Completely different to my original idea.

There were many options of handles but the matt rose gold ones on the display kitchen were perfect. I had previously had my heart set on rustic looking cup drawer pull and knobs but that soon went out the window when I saw these. Plus as this was now going to be a modern kitchen I wanted all the handles to be the same rather than a mix of handles and knobs which just didn’t go with the overall look.

I wanted to be in full control of all aspects of the kitchen renovation and used individual tradesmen for each of the relevant jobs . I always go on recommendation and luckily one of my friends is my electrician, but is also a qualified kitchen fitter so that was a big ease to the project.

For tiling and plumbing works I used the tradesman I had used on previous work I had done to my house so I knew I would be happy with their work.

I didn’t end up having a butler sink as this type of sink would of added additional cost to the kitchen as the cupboard below would of needed to be a special layout installation and I actually found a type of sink I preferred . I went for a Villeroy & Boch Subway XU 1.5 Bowl ceramic undermount sink from Sink world who I had never purchased from previously but have been very happy with the product.

I only had a couple of set backs during the whole kitchen renovation……

1/ For some reason everyone seemed scared to touch my worktop as apparently it was a tricky material to cut, and I had a real trouble finding a worktop fitter that would. Once I finally found someone and had everything booked in I suddenly couldn’t get hold of the Guy and then 2 days before everything shut for Xmas I got that call that no body wants, that unfortunately he was taking some time out from work and wouldn’t be able to do it. (Considering work was due to start 1st Week of January) After a bit of freaking out, I finally found someone very last minute and luckily was impressed with his work once completed and would definitely use him again…. well when I eventually move and need a new kitchen.

2/ The other set back I had was from my decorator. I had previously used him before on my bedroom and bathroom renovation and had been pleased with his work although was slightly unorganised but nothing that affected the work. I had booked in the Kitchen decoration which was purely a re paint of walls and ceilings in the same colour I have flowing throughout the downstairs of my house which is Farrow and Ball ‘Strong White No. 2001’ Estate Emulsion. He was also going to remove the door surround and replace with a new one and paint as I had recently taken the door off to open up the kitchen. I had found the door just got in the way. I never closed it and much prefer the look without it. Although my decorator had been fully aware of the date we had booked in for several months in advance, when it come to the day before I got a call to say he’d got offered a bigger job and couldn’t do my work on the dates I needed and wouldn’t of been free for over a month. Considering it was the last stage of the renovation and I had family coming to visit in a couple of weeks which he knew about, I was furious and found it totally unprofessional. I decided not to use him and ended up paying slightly more for another decorator that was also recommended to me. He ended up being a much better decorator than then original who I will not be using again as he was not even apologetic at the time.

Overall the whole project was completed in a month and a half. Just a few weeks delayed than planned due to the decorator.

I brought the following appliances which were all from AO . I always buy appliances from here were i can as the site is just so easy to use and there was some great deals on.

Cooker Hood -Leisure -Patricia Urquiola PCWB9752BP

I choose this cooker hood slightly blindly as I hadn’t heard of the brand before and was drawn to this mainly due to the look and sizing which fitted perfectly in the area i needed above my hob. This does look great and is easy to clean but is not very powerful and I wouldn’t buy again. This may be due to me having to have the vents go up into my ceiling rather than outside due to no access to the back of my house and also structural plinths that were inside my ceilings and therefore not allowing a flow of access to the outside. Saying this my previous cooker hood was done in this way and was much more powerful.

Double Oven-Bosch HBN13B1.1B

I really wanted a double oven as I love to entertain and one that I didn’t have to bend down to the floor to use as my original one was a single oven under the hob. Over a year on and i have been very pleased with my choice and would definitely recommend this product.

Gas Hob- Neff (I wont lie i cant remember what model this is)

This looks great and has 5 burners so perfect for my needs as i love to entertain although I would not say this is the easiest the clean and as I’m the one who has to clean it this would not be one I would buy again.

The washing machine and tumble dryer I had already as they were less than a year old (Also purchased from I decided not to change these as mentioned they were not very old and I actually really like these on show rather than being integrated. I know a lot of people don’t feel the same and prefer everything integrated but this is just my personal choice.

The only other things I didn’t change in the kitchen that I originally wanted to but decided wasn’t necessary at the time was the floor, the radiator and the fridge. The fridge and floor was due to basically running out of money and they went perfectly well with the new kitchen scheme anyway. I had been considering an old industrial black style of radiator but as this is hidden mainly behind my feature dining table and would mean the table would be pushed further out into the room I decided against it.

looking back now I would have added storage drawers in the skirting boards to use the additional space for storage but this is something I can change at a later date if I really wanted to.


There was already spot lights in the ceiling but I had these changed to a brushed Nickle finish with LED bulbs as I was constantly having to replace them as they were. Over the dining table I wanted to have feature lighting so I had the spot lights removed and went for Industville’s Brooklyn Vintage 5 wire pendant (Brass) light where you have the option of various bulb types and sizes. I chose the following as I wanted a mix of shapes and sizes all of which are dimable.

2 x Vintage LED Pear ST64 Amber Edison Bulbs

1 x Vintage LED Globe G125 Amber Edison Bulb

2 x Vintage LED Small Globe G95 Amber Edison Bulbs

I’m sure i drove my electrician made with the positioning of the wires that were changed several times.




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