A look at some of my collaborations and what I look for when choosing who I work with

Like the majority of people these days I spend a fair bit of my time on Instagram and other social media, and know how important it is to be seen on these accounts especially with so many bloggers and companies competing against each other. I wont lie when I say it can be very frustrating at times, spending many hours a week scrolling, liking and posting on relevant accounts in order to promote my products and of course the company itself. Since starting the business It has definitely been the case of trial and error and I have learnt from previous experiences in another industries, the importance of collaborating with influential bloggers in the relevant market. Although everyone has their own way of working most work on the basis of spending an item for them to post on social media either in the form of a photo or video and for them to keep the item form of payment. Others require a fixed fee depending on your requirements,or a more popular option is to make an offer or give away where the relevant blogger posts on social media advertising the company and product in the form of a competition and in this case the blogger receives the item and then the winner gets sent the same item directly. Alternatively a discount is offered on items online using a unique code.

With this in mind I wanted to share with you my thoughts and the trial and error process of my collaborations to date.

thehomethatmademe - A single Instagram post -March 2017

I choose Charlotte for my very first collaboration based on 3 things. One she had a large amount of followers so I knew my post would be seen by a lot of people. Two, her account was purely interiors based and I thought my products at the time would fit nicely within her account, so I knew the people seeing my post would be very relevant. Thirdly, was a lot less important but purely for my love of animals, I love her seriously cute pet pug who is seen in some of her posts and I was also happy to see him in the post photographed for AG Home Interiors.

Charlotte offered various options of Intsagram, facebook and blog posts, so I went with a single instagram post which was paid. The products were selected by her based on what she thought would work best within her home and what would work on her profile. She selected our knitted melange cotton blanket and our Florence small glass vase which are both shown below. As this was a paid post , both items were returned after being photographed. I was sent a selection of photos to choose from and I thought this showed the items best close up, whilst also showing off Charlottes style.

The outcome was that I did get a sudden mass influx of new instagram followers that I wouldn’t of normally had although no orders came from it at the time.

yvzux - A single Instagram post- May 2017

Ivona was a contact I had from a previous job in the fashion industry where we had worked with her to promote branded handbags. This had worked well for the industry I was in at the time and I thought that although her account was mainly fashion and lifestyle related my thoughts were that I would be widening my audience group and attracting followers that were interested in both fashion and interiors which often overlap. She also had a substantial amount of followers (the largest amount of followers of all the people I approached of over 100,000 at the time which has since grown to over 171,000) . I was also attracted to the fact that Ivona worked in a way where she selected items from my company that we posted to her to photograph and then for her to keep after. As a small business this is much more cost effective than a set fee. She selected our Noctua scented owl candle (Sold Out), ‘this is my happy place’ scented candle and Subira Etched large antique silver candle holder as shown below.

I wont lie when I say I was slightly disappointed with the photo itself as although it showed close ups of the products, a filter was used that was too light and made the items look faded with just a white background so could of been taken anywhere. I got a few new followers but it was not really a great success and I have been more selective with the accounts I’ve chosen going since, ensuring they are more relevant to the Interiors industry.

patirobins -An Instagram Giveaway Competition post - February 2018

I collaborated with the lovely Pati with a give away competition of our Mohani antique brass large lantern. I was instantly drawn to Pati’s account for her dramatic, distinct and dark visuals. Originally we were going to just do a normal instagram post but Pati thought the lantern was so lovely that we decided to make it a giveaway. The winner was selected by Pati at random and the terms of the competition was to like and follow both our accounts and the relevant post. The lantern was perfect for Pati’s style and she did a 2 photo visual post, one with a close up and another showing it more within her home.

I love how cosy and snug she has made the photos look, perfect for the time of year as this was posted on Instagram last February 2018.

dazzle_at_home -A single Instagram post with discount code offer -March 2018

I approached Darren at dazzle_at_home as I already followed his account of his lovely home and although very different in style to thehomethatmademe, I thought that some of our more modern products would fit in nicely within his home. I was happy to find that Darren thought the same and selected our lovely green embossed glass vase (Sold out) that was one of our bestsellers and quickly sold out. Darren has a love for all things green and plant related and our vase sat perfectly next to his vast vase collection which varied in shades of green.

I like to choose accounts that are all very different from each other while still fitting in with our products. For this collaboration we offered a 15% discount on an instagram post using a code that could be used at checkout on all orders and the vase was sent for Darren to keep. What has also been really nice is that Darren has since used the vase in future Instagram posts.

Luckily I’m yet to have a blogger/influencer choose the same item to post about as I like to show a variation of my products and I don’t think it would be as beneficial to have promoted the same item, although i am yet to try this so who knows.

tinkywinkymauve- An Instagram giveaway competition - November & December 2018

Rachel was the latest lovely lady that I did a giveaway collaboration with. She was extremely friendly and easy to work with and selected one of our Paddywax Sonora, Tobacco and Patchouli scented concrete candles that comes with a wood top that doubles up as a candle base. (Sold Out) As per all my collaborations so far, this was photographed for instagram and was in the form of a triple visual post. To enter you had to follow both AG Home Interiors and tinkwinkymauve’s instagram account, like the relevant post and tag a friend. What was lovely and made it a bit more special was that the giveaway was to celebrate Rachel’s account hitting 1000 followers, of which she has has since more than doubled. The winner who was selected randomly by Rachel was Emma from thecrapflat who was lovely enough to also post a visual of her prize.

I wanted to work with Rachel as she approached me with the love of our products and although I usually look for accounts a higher number of followers, I was interested to see if it made a difference. I was very happy to see that I got just as many followers as some of the larger accounts I had previously worked with which just goes to show its not always about numbers but also about the relevance of the followers. I also really liked that she used selection of photos which showed the candle in her home but also photographed a different view point and close up.

Keep an eye out for my next collaboration which is coming very soon!

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