10 of my favourite Interior Instagram accounts

I’ll be honest when I say that I actually don’t subscribe to any bloggers, Interiors or otherwise and the reason is purely that when I have done so in the past I had spent so much of my days reading them that I just couldn’t keep up. For this reason I prefer to follow any bloggers and interior stylists on instagram. From being in the Interiors industry and having both my own personal and business Instagram accounts I’m on it a lot already anyway so it fits perfectly with my lifestyle. So I’ve decided to share with you all my 10 of my favourite accounts in no particular order. I have so many more I love and follow but of course cant share them all. Hope you like them too.

1/ Lifeatnumber_63

Here the neutral matt colours with the odd pop of bright decor is what originally caught my eye with this account as I wasn’t expecting these bold and contrasting colours, but it works! (Check the full account to see what I mean) The majority of the rooms reflect a pretty and feminine design with real flowers, plants and natural prints which are apparent in the majority of the photos and with wooden floors throughout this enhances the natural theme.

2/ Hello_haus

A bold monochrome and nordic style. Clean lines and practical interiors where everything just seems to fit perfectly. I sometimes find that monochrome interiors can feel somewhat cold, but with the different textures and layers used this is definitely not the case here. A lovely modern home with key furniture pieces. I am also partial to a statement fireplace and this one is very elegantly done.

3/ Rockett St George

I love this account for the clashing colours, prints and full on interiors. Always pushing the boundaries of extreme designs, textures and deep tones. I’ve always been known to have a quirky style and I can definitely relate here, especially with the maximalist wallpapers. A complete mix of elegant modernism and traditional furniture and interiors. This account definitely goes through the whole colour pallet.

4/ Tinkywinkymauve

So for those of you who know me well will know I’m a bit of a crazy cat lover. This account combines both my love for cats and my passion for interior design. I am partial to a period property and the lovely traditional features which I often find lacking in modern builds but Rachel’s Victorian House is a clean and stylish mix with vibrate furniture, accessories with matt painted walls and fitted units. And of course the best bit Claude the cat is featured in a lot of her photos too.

Rachel combines different fabrics, textures and clashing patterns into her cushions and soft furnishings with hints of a Mexican feel especially within the main living area. I love interiors from different countries and cultures and I always try to bring a little something back to add to my home from wherever I go.

5/ Mucknbrass

An account of the weird and wonderful. This definitely takes furniture up-cycling to another level with adventurous designs that are in many cases controversial and don’t I just love it! From half mannequin planters to cow and poodle lamp stands, this is definitely not a account for the ordinary. Bright, bold and clashing with extreme contrasting colours , and with many items plastered with Graffiti, they are unique and in turn an acquired taste for sure. They are amazing one off pieces and will be the talking point and feature in any home and I wont lie when I say I have my eye on a few pieces for myself.

They also do workshops too so you can make your own weird and wonderful piece too!

6/ Patirobins

Pati has converted her rented home into a personalised euphoria with dark interiors and furniture throughout with pops of yellow and green emerging in the soft furnishings and statement pieces. The walls are full with unique artworks, quotes and ornaments. The bedding is over layered with a mix of patterns, colours and textures and there is something interesting in every corner of her home. A brilliant Photographer and DIY-er!

7/ Hornsby_style

A home and lifestyle blogger with a rustic home with a modern twist. Brickwork features and wooden floors with bohemian prints, textures and natural tones and surfaces throughout. There is a strong feel for nature with plants and greenery in every room and a vast selection of vases of every shape and size. I am a big plant and flower person myself and this is something I want to add more of into my own home which is lacking at the moment. The kitchen opens out with bio fold doors to the garden bringing the outside inside and adding to the connection with the natural elements.

Artwork is apparent with an vibrant mix of modern neon’s, photography and a clear love for butterflies.

8/ Lifeofsy

I love this account for its simple clean styling that concentrates on cosy soft furnishings and textures. Whites, light grey’s and other very light natural tones. Even her choice in flowers are white,creams and very pale tones. An insight into Sinems lifestyle and beautiful home which initially I had mistaken some of her photos as the well known brand White Company as they are very similar and looked THAT good. Every item has its place and every section of her home is extremely functional and practical while still keeping that cosy homely feel. Again I love this account for her gorgeous cute kitty’s that appear in many of her photos.

9/ Shnordic

A pretty account with a soft feminine style and touch. Pale warm tones set the atmosphere on the walls, soft furnishings and amongst the number of throws, cushions, rugs and cosy bedding. Elegant,simple furniture with a glimpse of nordic/Scandinavian design with a mix of traditional and modern features such as the High ceilings and feature fire places. Basket plants and flowers in pinks,whites and greens are apparent in every photo.

10/ The Squiffy Mill

I personally love renovations, conversions and quirky buildings as I used to live in an old factory and currently in a cow shed conversion, so this account finds a happy place in my heart as its all about renovating a 19th Century Mill house. This property has so many aspects that I either have in my own home or love and would like to have, from the brickwork walls, free standing bath to the patterned tiles and industrial style radiators, even the kitchen unit and worktop colours are the same as mine! And of course who can miss yet another adorable fluffy kitty called Betty!

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