An Insight In to the Spring Summer 19 Collection

Well didn’t January just fly by! I generally have new stock come in twice a year. The Spring Summer collection starts to go online beginning of February with the last products hitting the website around the end of March. In turn the AW collection starts to arrive around the beginning of October. So the website has already started to be refreshed with lovely Spring products and I wanted to share a few of these with you to give you a behind the scenes insight to why I picked them and what makes me love them. I hope you love them as much as I do!

I have been struggling for some time now to find decent picture frame suppliers and also ones that are a little bit different that fits along side my other products nicely. Ive found that they are either poor quality, overpriced or quite frankly look a bit tacky! About 6 months ago I was at an exhibition and finally thought I had found what i was looking for. I got really excited as they were lovely but soon after placing my initial order found the communication dwindled and later to find that they were closing down. I hadn’t found anything I had liked since until I found these.

The Dagana picture frames come in 2 sizes and are a lovely feature and definitely something a bit different. The double lined design of these antique black and glass frames has an art deco feel and each one has its one slight individual tone. These free standing frames make a stylish addition to a sideboard or cabinet.

I love these vases for their rustic finish where each one varies slightly with each of their holes and cracks giving them a unique look. The floral pattern is pretty and delicate and is perfect for all year round use. I love the weight and solid feel as I often find a lot of pots and vases these days are light and delicate and I personally prefer something more solid especially as I have a cat who likes to jump up on side tables and window cill’s. I also find it gives a more quality look.

As all our other vases are currently glass I selected this Oval green floral vase to add an alternative option. Let me know your thoughts and if you would like to see more like this?

Due to popular demand this lovely Botanical large stem vase is a move on from last summers clear glass bottle vase which completely sold out early on. This is a larger version which is great for showcasing single stems or multiple stem arrangements. This is a statement piece and is an elegant addition to any home. Again I love this vase for its solid thick clear glass and minimalist style.

I actually said to myself prior to sourcing this seasons products that i wasn’t looking for anymore candles until AW19 unless there were something really unusual. Well it was clearly meant to be as the first thing that caught my eye was a new range of candles called Pyropets that have a hidden metal skeleton that is only seen once the candle starts to burn. These are lovely modern candles in animal forms and for those who believe in unicorns they are not left out! We have Kisa the cat, Voffi the dog and Einar the unicorn.I particularly love the clean cut edges of each of the designs.

As these candles do not have a base for the melted wax we also have a lovely geometric designed porcelain plate that is perfect for all Pyropets or any free standing candle to protect your much loved furniture.

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