A bit about me & why I started AG Home Interiors!


Hi! I’m Alexis, owner of AG Home Interiors and major home and furniture geek based in Hertfordshire!


I have always had a love of furniture and home accessories even at a young age, preferring these over clothes and other treats.I kick myself even today for not going straight to university to study Interior design, but instead pursuing a course in Hospitality Management. This was during the time when Interior programs hit the world a storm and i thought everyone would be getting into the industry and that there wouldn’t be many job opportunities left for me. Well this was my crazy thought process at the time. Anyway, many years later, while working in a completely different industry, fashion to be exact. (Yes i have 2 jobs!) and just before my 30th birthday, i had a so to speak early midlife crisis and thought I need to do this now!

After researching many colleges for Interior design courses i decided on Kings College in London as they did a course that fitted round my work at the time. Saying that i totally underestimated the work involved and basically had no social life for a couple of years.

I by chance fell into a job at an Interiors Design studio in Primrose Hill through a friend, even though i had no prior experience in the industry. My work helped my course and in turn my course improved my skills at work. I completed a Post Graduate National Diploma with distinction in 2016 but unfortunately was made redundant as the studio was affected by Brexit.

During my time off work and why completing my last assignment while sitting by a pool in Mexico (didn’t say it was all bad!) I had to pretend that i was opening my own company and produce a website and business cards. So i thought why not do it for real as it was something i had always wanted to do but had never had the kick to pursue. So i did it! I went on recommendations for a website platform which i choose Sqaurespace and Moo.com for business cards and flyers. I spoke to as many people as i could for tips but i wont lie and say it was fast and easy because it wasnt and many times i threw my laptop out the window.

I am excited to be following my love for Interior design by opening my online home accessories boutique AG Home Interiors. Its a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

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